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About Us


At Innotrek, we live by our motto of “Innovative Minds, Outdoor Spirit”. Since 2001, we have been running programs all over Singapore. From Costa Sands to MOE Adventure Centres, from nearby islands of Pulau Ubin to St John’s island. We pride ourselves in the ability to bring our programs to the venue of your choice.

Recent years, Innotrek has been actively engaged in activities out of Singapore, with our newly attained travel license. We hope to combine fun and knowledge altogether, creating the best possible environment for learning



Innotrek was started in May 2001 by Roy Lim. The office then was a humble 100sq ft unit at Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild, just enough to accommodate a table & 2 chairs. In July, Mike Lim joined as a partner. Taking a leap of faith that the business can only become better if we work doubly hard & also because since the office was so small, we decided to invest in our biggest investment, a new van. The van would double up as our transport & store, where everything & anything needed for camp were in the van. We won’t forget to bring anything for our programmes. We reckoned that should things not turn out as positive as we think, we could still sell the van.

The beginning was tough. Roy took on a full time 9-to-5 job in the finance industry & managed the business with whatever time was left in a day, everyday. Things went downhill when barely 4 months into our business, the September ‘11 incident occurred. Our first overseas trip to Sabah was immediately cancelled. We were ecstatic to have won the deal but it was gone. Being forever optimistic, working very hard & with the guiding principles of zero incidents, doing our best for our clients & always on call 24/7, we managed to bring in the deals.

In January 2002, we employed our very first staff, Tennant, followed soon by Anuar & Eunice in the following months. We called ourselves TEAM-R, after the first letters of our names. It was not all plain sailing. We had to overcome a few trials & tribulations. The going was still difficult as we were just making ends meet even with more deals.

At the start of 2003, SARS hit & all programmes were cancelled or postponed to an unknown date, as no one knew how the epidemic would fan out. Mike & Roy had to take a cut & dig into our reserves to ensure sufficient funds to pay our staff as usual, without any deduction. Fortunately, SARS lasted for about 4 months & we managed to pull in some deals at about the 6th month – any longer & we would have gone under.

Our happiness was short lived. In 2004, the H5N1 virus (Bird or Avian Flu) hit Singapore & most programmes were again cancelled. Luckily it also did not last long & we managed again to survive & pull ourselves up again.

From then on, the path was smoother, though not without challenges. We went on to manage the MOE Dairy Farm Adventure Centre for 10 years, Sarimbun Scout Camp for 5 years & we now own one of the largest fleet of more than 300 kayaks. ET (E & T) have since left but Tony joined us to form ATM-R. Through the years, our guiding principles that have brought us to where we are have not changed & we still strive to ensure zero incidents & to do our utmost to ensure the success of our programmes.