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Mike Lim


Team_Mike-Lim Mike is a reliable, dependable and loyal team player who values close, personal relationship and will often put the needs and desire of those who are loyal friends ahead of his own needs. Mike works well with others because of his controlled and modest behavior and can be counted on to be around even in tough times until the end. He achieves his goals through diligence and steadfastness, appreciating relationships, seeks balance between personal and social time and enjoy a quiet evening with a few close friends Mike’s outdoor background and sports stemming back to his days as a Royal Rangers, School’s leader, Commando and National Dragon Boater.

His experiences and passion for outdoors and sports enables him to draw out multiple learning points from varies programs conducted and transferring the learning back to the participants’ workplace and personal life. Co-founder / director of Innotrek Pte Ltd since 2001 is responsible for the development of the business and training from creating various training program for students, trainers and teachers. He was in charge of the successfully run (Teamwork & TeamPlay) workshop by Dr. Jim Cain in 2009, 2010, 2011 and training of Outward Bound Singapore and Republic Polytechnic’s staff in 2011.

Mike also had been involved in the planning and training of Young PAP Leadership camp and Ministry of Home Affairs Training program since 2007 and was complimented as a “wonderful and lively facilitator” by many clients including Singtel, Mercer and Singapore Armed Forces. Mike had recently spent 2 months training under The Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) on Basic Mountaineering recognized under UIAA.

His course was conducted at 5400m above sea level in Nepal covering, mountain navigation, Danger in Mountains, basic Ice Climbing and Mountain Rescue skills. Upon completion, he lead a group to scale Fansipan (3140m) in SAPA, Vietnam and Poon Hill(3210M) in Ghorepani, Nepal. From the mountain to the sea, Mike continues his water training after spent 7 days at New Zealand with a renown Kayak School running down 3 of NZ popular rivers, polishing his kills in paddling and rescue and most important understanding them.  


  • Master in Business Administration, University of Western Australia (24 Aug 2009)
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, University of Western Australia (23 Jun 2008)
  • Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, University of Western Australia (18 Sept 2007)
  • Dip. HRD, Singapore Institute of Management (28th May 2003)
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (21st Aug 1995)
  • Basic Mountaineering Course, Alpine Association of Slovenia, Nepal Mountaineering Association (12th Jun – 25th July 2012)
  • New Zealand White Water Kayaking and Rescue course, NZ Kayak School (5th – 11th Dec 2012)
  • Certified Camp Director, Basic Camp Director’s Course, American Camp Association (26th Mar 2009)
  • Certificate in Designing & Facilitating Experiential Learning, STADA (22nd Nov 2002)
  • Certificate Behavioral Consultant (D.I.S.C.)
  • Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) Practitioner (2nd May 2004)
  • Habitudes Trainer, Equipping Leaders for Asia, (21st Jun 2010)
  • Safety & management of Challenge Ropes Course for Leaders (OBS & VI, Australia)(23rd Apr 2003)
  • Challenge Ropes Course Instructor (Certified by Ian Wade) (Nov 2006)
  • MOE Facilitation Course by Dr. Roger Greenaway (UK)
  • Archery Coach (FITA) (19 May 2005)
  • Abseiling Level 3 Coach (Singapore Mountaineering Federation)
  • Rock Climbing Level 2 (Singapore Mountaineering Federation)
  • Keel Boat Level 2 – Day Skipper
  • Dingy Sailing Level 1
  • Kayaking Coach Level 2 (Singapore Canoe Federation)
  • Kayaking 4 star-sea & open water (OBS)(18th – 21st Jan 2013)
  • Scout Unit Leader Training Course, The Singapore Scout Association (25th Feb 2006)
  • Power Boat Licensed
  • Dragon Boat Technical Level 2 Coach (Singapore Dragon Boat Association)
  • Dragon Boat National Race Official, IDBF (2nd Apr 2006)
  • Life Saving 1,2,3 (Singapore Life Saving Society)
  • Certified Standard First Aid
  • Certified Open Water Diver
  • Certified Swimming Coach, The Swimming Teachers’ Association (24th Nov 1999)
  • National Physical Fitness Tester
  • Certified Aerobic Championship Judge
  • Former SAF Commando
  • Former National Dragon boat rower
  • Former SAFRA Boxer
  • Yuying Secondary Youth Alumni Chairman (since 2011)
  • People Association Volunteer (Since 2012)