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Thank you for your encouragements and recommendations!

Innotrek does our best to make sure that your program objectives are met, in the best possible manner, through great fun and learning. It is encouraging to get testimonials and words of encouragement that we are doing our job well.


Innotrek were able customise programme and booklet to suit school values.

Christina Loh & Huimin. Teachers & HOD of PE, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ (Primary)


Dear Germaine and Muhammad,

On behalf of the team, thank you again for being such effective and efficient liaisons in this event. Really appreciate both your professionalism and high work rates.

We all do our best for the children.

Rizal Subani. Hai Sing Catholic School 25-27 May 2015


Vendor is responsive and able to accept feedback.. They are able to adept and improve when asked to.

Chai Ming Long. Unity Sec School 25 – 27 May 2015


Coordinator is very commited and supportive. Able to adapt to changes.

Anwar. Camp OIC.  Bedok Town Sec School. 4 March 2015


Trainers were very responsible and carried out their tasks well.

Pua Zil. HOD PE/CCA First Toa Payoh Sec School.27 March 2015 


A group of experienced and fun trainers who has good rapport with the participants. Good job, camp chief!

Simon Lee. Camp Commandant.St Anthonys Pri School 7 Feb 2015


Overall a successful camp. Objectives were met and safety of students remain a priority. Well done!

Jaswant Singh. Camp Commandant. Whitley Sec School 13 Feb 2015


Shima & Ling Yin has worked very well together with the school to ensure that the camp programme suits the needs of the school, to the best interest of the students. They have also ensured that the school needs are met and gave professional advice. The extra effort from both of them to run the camp was very much appreciated. Innotrek is very professional. The team has always helped to ensure the students are meaningfully engaged in the programme and activities of the camp. They also have very good team of trainers and instructors.

Huang Qian Qin. SH Holistic Health (Internal). Qihua Primary School. 13 Feb 2015


A  most wonderful experience working together with Innotrek. A very well ran camp which the pupils enjoyed. Teachers were also able to fully trust the trainers to carry out their duties.

Wu Zongbing. Outdoor Education Coordinator (Camps) Dazhong Primary School. 16 Feb 2015


Innotrek is able to look into the needs and profile of the pupils and provide a holistic outdoor camping experience to the pupils. Camp coordinator is very pro active and friendly . She makes the necessary changes to the programme promptly and efficiently.

Tang Bee Hong Andrea. Camp Commandant. Rulang Primary School. 14 Feb 2015


A very dynamic group of trainers who are positive and able to provide guidiance to the pupil’s outdoor outdoor experiential learning.

Ardi Ramli. Camp Commandant. Greenwood Pri School. 24 Feb 2015


Professional conduct of trainers such as keeping cool in front of students and others.

Tng Ee Hwei/Peter Lee. Camp Commandant/Asst Camp Chief. Beatty Sec School 4 March 2015


Overall the camp chief and trainers are competent and professional . Program was well carried out.

Lim Eng Guan. Camp commandant. Bedok Town Sec School 4 March 2015


We will consider working with Innotrek as they have an enriching camp experience for our pupils. Good job!

Abdul Gaffar. Subject Head(Discipline/Student Leadership) West Grove Pri School. 6 March 2015


Camp chief and 2IC were receptive and make changes to improved based on feedback given. The campfire was well organised and the highlight of the camp.Students enjoyed the campfire.

Yong Yin Yee . Hod Year Head 3. Chun Cheng High School. 7 March 2015



As a teacher and camp commandant, i am very pleased to see that all my pupils had lots of fun and excitement throughout the 3 days and 2 nights camp. The energy level was high throughout. All camp objectives were met. All this was possible due to the brilliant communication with the camp chief and 2IC. Plus points, trainers were awesome and vibrant!

Farid Wahyuni, Camp Commandant. Canberra Pri School. 13 March 2015


Excellent camp chief and camp coordinator. Able to modify and cater activities to our needs.

Rohayati Ismail. HOD year head for lower secondary. Mayflower Sec School. 13 March 2015


Service provided was fantastic. Chief trainer was active listener and trainers were able to compromise when requested . A big thank you for the professionalism and creativity in the activities.

Rahidah T.Shah. Camp Commandant. Si Ling Sec School 25 March 2015


Trainers were able to find a balance between fun and solemn during campfire in view of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s passing. The skits and performances put up by the pupils were good and well balanced between fun and national pride. Well done!

Innotrek has time and time again proven to be a reliable service provider, providing quality services and programmes.

Joyce Goh, Camp IC. Canossa Convent Primary School 27 March 2015


Innotrek take initiatives to come up with themes and “dress up” for the campfire. It was very good!

Mr Farhan , Fuhua Primary School. 6 Apr 2015 


Hello, I am a student from Bukit Panjang Government High School and I just ended my camp yesterday on the, 14/3/2014 at MOE Dairy Adventure Camp.

I truly had a memorable experience in the camp. Firstly, I would love to thank my trainers, Zayer and Sarah for their unconditional support that they had given me.

They helped me with the problem I faced and did not gave up on me.They had been the most awesomest trainers. Without them, I would not have completed the high elements course.
Another two instructors that I would like to thank are, Crabby and a feisty female instructor, whom I did not manage to catch her name. They motivated me a lot after having a chat among the three of us.

They made me feel a little more comfortable with who I am now. I really do appreciate the efforts of these wonderful people. Without their motivating words and action, this camp would not be anything better than the other camps that I had attended before.

This was definitely the best camp for me by far. It left a huge impact on me and never will I forget the most meaningful lesson that I’ve learnt during the camp; have confidence in yourself and you are who you are.
Once again, I would love to thank the four brilliant people and also to everyone that made the camp an enjoyable experience, not only for me but also the rest of my school mates that attended the camp.

Their efforts are truly appreciated.
Best regards,

Hi Azlan & HK,


On behalf of Yuan Ching, I would like to thank you and your team for the wonderful & enjoyable camp. For the first time, the teachers and students have post camp syndrome. Hahahaha….They missed the camp!


We are very thankful and would like to compliment Azlan & HK on their expertise and calm composure in handing the severe asthma situation we had during the campfire. They were quick to react in assisting the student as well as move the group to another location to prevent more asthma attacks due to the smoke from the fire.


We were impressed by the other facilitators who were able to run the show as per normal thus keeping the other students calm and the campfire night enjoyable
Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Looking forward to our future camps with you guys.
Carol & Suhada
(Camp ICs) Yuan Ching Secondary School
Innotrek have carved out a niche in organizing adventure camps in Malaysia . So we at CHIJ Katong Convent posed a challenge to Innotrek to organize a cultural exchange trip to Mersing, Johor, Malaysia.

We were very pleased that they proved that they were equally adept in handling and organizing a trip of this nature. We were very impressed with their professionalism and their quick response to our every need.  

The staff and trainers of Innotrek accepted feedback and worked well and closely with the teachers to ensure that the objectives of the camp were fulfilled and as well as the safety of students. – CHIJ Katong Convent


A wonderful experience for staff and students. 

Innotrek was able to customize and align the camp programme to the school’s objective.

– Seng Kang Secondary School



The campsite has provided a unique jungle experience for the students.

Premises are kept clean and well maintained all the time. 

– Bukit Batok Secondary School



Very interesting place to conduct camps.

Great fauna & flora. Spacious.

 Zhong Hua Secondary School

The staff & trainers are receptive to feedback and took care of our concerns. – Canberra Primary School


Thank you for an interesting & fruitful camp for the pupils’& teachers. 

 Woodlands Ring Primary School


Commendation letters from various school: