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Habitudes#1: The Art of Self-Leadership

We must lead ourselves before we try to lead anyone else


The first book in the series teaches the art of self-leadership. We must lead ourselves before we try to lead anyone else. It covers character issues like discipline, emotional security, integrity checks, self-esteem, relationships, personal growth, and more. Full color photographs throughout the book make it a keeper for students to use and to teach from after they have gone through it.

This book is ideal for introductory leadership courses, and anyone who is just starting on their leadership journey.

Many schools are using this book to challenge their entire student body to become leaders and to nurture a thriving leadership culture on their campus and organization.



  • The Iceberg
  • The Starving Baker
  • Stock Taking
  • Thermostat and Thermometer
  • Fun House Mirror
  • The Oversized Gift
  • Personal Laptop
  • Pop Quiz
  • Emotional Fuel
  • Opportunity Statue
  • Discipline Bridge
  • The Half-hearted Kamikaze
  • Drivers and Passengers