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Habitudes #3: The Art of Leading Others


We must discover how to lead and influence those around us. 

The third book in the series covers the art of leading others. As a young leader grows, they eventually assume a leadership position that requires them to lead teams of people, often their own peers. This book includes principles that deal with focused vision, people skills, strategy, choosing priorities, modeling behavior, team building, initiative and others.

This book is ideal for training student leaders and team leaders. Many schools use this resource as part of their student leader orientation curriculum.

It has also been used by numerous corporations and non-profit organizations to accelerate leadership development among their managers.


  • The Mirror Effect
  • Rivers and Floods
  • Paul Revere Principle
  • Bit Market
  • Big Rocks First
  • Duck Hunting
  • Choir Director
  • Taxi Principle
  • Barn Building
  • Small Sprocket
  • Gorillas in Hawaii
  • Star Trek Principle
  • Life Sentence