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Habitudes #4: The Art of Changing Culture


We must leverage leadership skills to positively transform culture

This fourth and final Habitudes book is an advanced guide on the art of changing culture. It uses memorable images to teach principles on how to transform organizational culture, leading organic change, utilizing critical mass, leader multiplication, thinking big and starting small, and more.

This book is ideal for advanced leaders who are ready to positively change their campus or organization, and ultimately the world. It helps people move from transactional leadership to transformational leadership…from making programmatic changes that are temporary to making organic changes that are lasting.

Many schools have used this book with staff, administration, and key student leaders to foster organizational change.


  • The Joshua Problem
  • Critical Mass
  • The Hollywood Effect
  • Family Virus
  • Portable Truths
  • Trade-offs
  • Growing Pains
  • Gift Factor
  • Science Class
  • The Ripple Effect
  • Cathedral Building
  • Dorothy’s Way
  • Movements From Scratch