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Wilderness Medicine Courses



Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT)

This intensive course combines wilderness medicine with urban medical care practices into a single month-long program that includes clinical rotations helping to provide care for real patients. After four weeks of classroom education, practical skills, scenarios and full-scale mock rescues, you will be ready to handle medical emergencies, in the wilderness or right in town.


Wilderness First Reponder (WFR)

The WFR is accepted as the defacto international standard for outdoor professionals, and is required by many companies if you want to work as an out door instructor.

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Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA)

The WAFA course is designed for trip leaders and those traveling or working in remote areas who need a more extensive training program than the Wilderness First Aid course. This 5-day course focuses on stabilization, treatment and evacuation guidelines for patients in backcountry environments. Emphasis is placed on long term patient care management and specific injury evaluation.


Wilderness First Aid (WFA)(3 Days – 24 Hours)

This 3-day course covers the same material as the 2-day course as well as offering CPR and more scenario based teaching. A well rounded introduction to Wilderness First Aid for bushwalkers, climbers, paddlers and those who find themselves out and about.



Marine First Aid (MFA)(2 Days 16 Hours)

Let’s face it, when the proverbial hits the fan, an ordinary first aid course just doesn’t cut it! Designed and presented by instructors who are both experienced in teaching first aid and emergency medical care, and being out on the water in all condition