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Cambodia Culinary


Hanoi Cooking Class

The sweet companion to Vietnam, Cambodia offers culinary travelers a plethora of sweet dishes including sticky rice cakes and succulent tropical fruits such as bananas, coconuts and pineapples. The culinary tours in Cambodia will present you with the opportunity to visit the food markets, get familiar with Khmer herbs and spices and learn to cook alongside the area’s top chefs.

Broaden your experience beyond Cambodia’s ancient temples, and you’ll discover the more intimate side of Southeast Asia that many visitors miss. Through a Cambodian culinary tour, you’ll wander off the main roads and discover the hill tribes around Banlung, the unspoiled countryside around sleepy Sen Monorom and the charming town of Battambang with its faded colonial architecture. Phnom Penh, which sits on the confluence of three rivers, is said to be the most beautiful of Indochina’s French capitals. Indulge in the vibrant riverside café and restaurant scene or wander at your leisure through the Central Market and Russian Market for bargains.