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Mount Stong



Gunung Stong, formerly known as Jelawang Jungle is now named as state park since 2005 and is one of the popular eco-tourism in Malaysia. It stands 1.442 metre tall and house many wildlife and flora and fauna. Gunung Stong is located in Dabong, Kelantan.


Gunung Stong State Park is a forested area, surrounded by many mountain peaks at the backdrop, including Gunung Ayam, Gunung Tera, Gunung Saji and ecetera. By now you would have guessed, the word ‘Gunung’ means mountain in local language. It holds an area of more than 20,000 hectares, surrounding mountain peaks, rivers and caves. With its dense forest, it house a variety of wildlife, including tigers, elephants, nears and a good variety of birds like hornbills. Unique flora and fauna, including the world’s largest flower, rafflesia can also be found. Apart from that, the Stong Waterfalls is believed to be the highest waterfalls in Sourtheast Asia region, standing about 495 meters above sea level. Gunung Stong State Park is truly the place for adventures lover.

After a fruitful trek at the jungle and a refreshing bath at Jelawang Jungle, you can drop by Kelantan town for some wholesome nasi kukus, the hot steaming white rice accompanied by rich curry. To pull a night at Kelatan town, there are many Kelantan Hotel available, such as Crown Garden Hotel and Renaissance Hotel which offers comfortable accommodation with reasonable price.

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